The uses of survival knives

Survival knives are portable tools that are used for enormous purposes. Many people have described these knives as a must-have during most outdoor activities. It is a standard tool due to its diversity in the roles that it plays in various spheres. But you ought to be careful during the selection process of a survival knife. This is based on the fact that potential buyers must study the various features that are crucial to the effectiveness of the knife.

In this regard, you ought to consider the type of blade embedded in your tool. The blade is essential in determining the edge and the durability thereto. There are two types of blades, and they include stainless steel and carbon steel. Further, you must critique the roles in which you require the knife and weigh them against the types available in the market. Such analysis based on a survival knife buyers guide will ensure that you secure a knife that is adaptable and efficient to your needs.

The uses of the survival knives are vast, and the prime ones are highlighted as follows;

Hunting and self-defense

People are always advised that you should always carry along a survival knife whenever you are going to the woods. In this case, during hunting, survival knives are fundamental in skinning animals. Also, you can use the knife as a tool for self-defense against aggressive wild animals. Therefore a survival knife is multifunctional in hunting since you can use it to pursue animals as well as defend yourself against them.

Clearing pathways and wood cutting

When you are out in the wilderness, it is likely that you will run into thorny leaves and fine wood that is likely to inhibit your movement. However, a survival knife can be used to clear paths and cut wood. Cutting wood is not necessarily for pass ability but also for fueling a fire that is vital in cooking. So, if you are planning a camping trip, then you ought to secure such a knife to facilitate movement and other all round activities.

Making other weapons

Spears and arrows can be with the help of a quality survival knife. Therefore when you are in the wilderness, it is intelligible to come up with creative ways of using the knife to craft other weapons. Traditionally, before the invention of sophisticated weapons, most weapons were handmade, and a knife played a vital role in making most of them.