Best Beach Holidays In Africa

Africa is one of the best tourists destination in the world; it is a must place you should dream of daily. The east coast of Africa is one of the places can spend your holiday in a cloudless sky with coconut trees casting lovely shadows, tropical colors, clear water and sandy beaches where you can swim. One of the destinations can be the Kenyan beaches. The Kenyan beaches are located in the coastal region of the country. You will be able to enjoy your holiday as they many activities you can do at the beach. They include kitesurfing, diving, and snorkeling.

These beaches can be divided into three main regions whereby each region has a unique experience you will love.

South Coastcdcddcrgtgytg

The South Coast is known for palm fringed white sand beaches with accessible coral reefs. The most famous and beautiful beach is Diani. It is approximately 30 kilometers to the south of Mombasa along the Indian Ocean. You can be able to swim and relax in the warmth of the sun on this beach because of its peaceful haven. Diani beach is the best place to go if you want to have sports like swimming and surfing, having a picnic and taking a quiet walk.

Malindi region

This region is in the North of Mombasa which has the best beach resorts and finest tropical beaches in Africa. Thi is the place to go if you want activities like diving and snorkeling and deep-sea fishing at the Malindi Marine National Park.

You won’t want to miss visiting Bamburi beach in the North region. It is a perfect place for an enjoyable holiday; it has calm water and beautiful soft sand. This beach is a famous destination for sand seekers and sun lovers. Bamburi is the excellent location for swimming, walking and relaxing by the beach. You will get the peace you want, a home away from home to relax and be stress-free.

Lamu Archipelago

xssxssdsretgyhujLamu Archipelago is far in the North of Kenya which includes Islands of Manda and Lamu. These Islands are full of lovely white sand beaches which are excellent for relaxing. The most common beaches people visit in this area are Shela beach and Manda Bay. They are well known for a calm ambiance and picturesque views. Their luxury resorts built and surround the ocean in these beaches. It is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying your holidays.

There are other more beaches that you should visit when in the Kenyan Coast like Vipingo, Watamu, Shanzu, Tiwi, Gazi, and Kikambala.