Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hunting Knife

As we all know, knives are proven to be effective and efficient when it comes to hunting. Thus, choosing the best hunting knife is imperative, as it will make your hunt a more fulfilling experience. In addition, having a perfect survival knife with you when you go for hunting will be good for your trip. Whether the trip is for weeks or days, you will enjoy it with a survival knife by your side. However, choosing the best hunting knife is not a piece of cake. Hence, when selecting the best hunting knife, it is important it put many factors into consideration. In this article, we will reveal the key factors to consider when choosing a hunting knife.


The Type Of Knife

We have two types of knives used for hunting that is the fixed blade knife and the folding knife. These knives differ from one another because each has its own benefits and challenges. Folding knives, for example, have a hole in their blades for putting your thumb into it and this makes the knife usable with either hand. Thus, it increases the mobility of the hunter. In addition, they are also safer during the hunting game. Lastly, these knives are smaller and fit nicely in a small belt sheath. However, these knives are not suitable for the larger animals because they are small.

Fixed blade knives, on the other hand, do not have a hinge to fold with. However, these knives are very durable. They are made of a solid piece metal and are carried in a belt or leg boot. These type of knives are the best for hunting large animals in thick woods.

The Handle

sadsadThe handle’s grip strength and level of safety is one of the good qualities of a hunting knife. Of course, there are many traditional handle materials, but they might not be the best for multi-functional hunting knives. It is worth noting that handles made of wood, leather, and molded plastic might not be suitable for hunting because they get slippery during the rainy seasons, or when you sweat.

In addition, these handles make it unsafe for use because you are at risk of getting serious injuries since the grip strength can be unsafe for use anytime. It is therefore important for you to consider new materials in the market like rubber or composite, which can give a safe grip and can serve you for long periods even in the most unfavorable conditions. Moreover, the new materials are excellent in terms of its style since they are manufactured with good texture and are made of good colors.

The Blade

There are blades that lower the tip for control and strength. This helps you in skinning and allows for cleaning and butchering larger or smaller animals and thus it is useful for multi-purpose work or back woods knife.…


Trampolines – is it worth to have one at home?

The question of whether or not to have a trampoline at home can be debated over and over. However, trampolines are gaining popularity at homes for some reasons. According to a popular survey, homes with an own compound prefer to have a trampoline as the main kids play facility. The study also showed that many businesses have come up either to sell or lease the trampolines through the online platform. So, this article will try to explain whether trampolines are worth having or not.


Types of trampolines that you should know

fdgdfgdfgdfgfdgdfgdfgTrampolines can in different types and brands. What are rebounders or mini trampolines? This is a question many people may not understand if they do not know what the market offers. The mini trampolines are best suited for young kids and can be used indoors efficiently. On the other hand older kids can also get the standard trampolines which are set outside and better sealed with an enclosed to avoid accidents from the energetic kids. Finally, adults can also use trampolines which are fitted with strong springs and fastening ropes on the sturdy metal frames.

Various benefits of a trampoline

One of the best way to know whether you need one for your home or not is to understand the benefits. Some of them include the following;

  • Exercises – it is a no brainer that exercises promote fitness. Kids too need to stay fit for stronger bones and a healthy heart just to mention but a few. Needless to say, the trampoline helps the kid’s brain to grow healthy. Kids who use a trampoline line at home perform better in school than those who do not play at all.
  • fghfghfghfghfghfghSocialize with other kids – When kids invite their friends or honor a similar invitation to play together on a trampoline, their social skills are promoted. They can now interact better with others, learn how to share and cope with others.
  • Provides an alternative to malicious activities – games, movie watching and bad company may not be the best you want for your kids. However, a trampoline can keep them engaged in a healthy activity with many positive benefits. A reliable trampoline turns to be your kid’s best friend during their holidays and weekends.

Is it worth to have a trampoline at home?

From the above insights, a trampoline talks for itself. It is a beneficial accessory to own at home and even in schools for the sake of kids. This fun device can also be easily bought from reliable online platforms.…


Traveling essentials

Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or a first timer in the traveling game, it is crucial to remember to have a list of things to take with you. When you are traveling near or far, there are several essentials and travel accessories you need to take with you. Here are the things of utmost importance to take with you when traveling.

Suitcases, bags, and organizers

nkweui29Choosing what to carry your stuff with is a crucial first step in packing. Figure out the right suitcase that works best for you, since there are a lot of choices to choose from. Remember to carry along a carry-on to bring into the plane with you; it could be a smaller suitcase, a backpack, a duffel bag, or a travel bag. You can also bring a waist bag or money belt to make it more convenient for you. Keeping things organized can be challenging, therefore pack on some organizers to distribute your stuff into manageable bags. Bring some compression sacs or cubes, folders, resealable plastic bags, and other organizers to keep it neat and provide easier access to all your things.

In your carry on

Your carry-on is the bag you store your personal items in. So pack in all your gadgets such as your phone, tablet, laptop, camera, all its chargers, adapters, and headphones. Don’t forget all your travel documents, your IDs, credit cards, cash, tickets, and other travel information. And also pack things for your personal comfort and entertainment like books and magazines, a travel pillow, blankets, jackets, lotion, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste, wipes, tissues, travel games, personal medicine, snacks, your journal and a pen. Remember to pack your toiletries up to TSA standards. Liquids, aerosols, gels, pastes, and creams must be 100 ml or less and put into a ziplock bag.

In your luggage

nofqu3h982The essentials you need to pack in your luggage when going to any destination are your clothes; your underwear, tops, bottoms, outerwear, socks, and shoes. A first aid kit can come in handy when you need it, so pack that into your luggage too. Don’t forget your toiletry bag and its contents such as your soap, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer, deodorant, makeup, a hairbrush, sunscreen, and other personal hygiene items. Pack all your personal medications too and also remember to bring a towel. If you are visiting, don’t forget to bring your souvenirs with you on the trip.…

How to find the best restaurant

Whether you are planning a corporate event or you just want to take your family members to dinner, you will always want to ensure that you find the best restaurant. While it is true that there are many restaurants in this modern era, not many of them are capable of giving you the quality services that you deserve. With this in mind, you will want to be keen on the entire process of finding the best restaurant. This article explores some of the qualities that you should look at when looking for Restaurants in Amsterdam.

Qualities associated with great restaurants

Quality food

One of the reasons why people choose to go to restaurants is that they believe that those foods served therein in are better than home cooked. So you will always walk through the doors of a restaurant expecting high-quality foods. This is not always the case as there is some restaurant that is never serious about the quality of food that they offer. The question comes, how do you tell if or not the restaurant serves high-quality food? Well, it simple, all that you need to do is to look at customer reviews. Here, you can be sure that you will get the answers that you seek.

Restaurant cleanliness

Another important consideration that you need to consider when looking for a great restaurant is the hygienic levels. You do not want to spend your money consuming foods that will, later on, cause health problems to you. You can always tell on the level of cleanliness within the restaurant by just observing. Sometimes, you might want to check on the history of the restaurant to see if there have been health problems resulting from lack of proper hygienic levels.

The ambiance

You will always want to find a restaurant that has a conducive environment for you to enjoy your meals without any disturbance. This is very important especially when you are taking someone that you love out. People like to have unique and wonderful experiences when they are with their loved ones. So you basically need to ensure that there is enough space and there is some degree of privacy. A good restaurant also works towards ensuring that foods and drinks are delivered to their promptly so that there is no time wastage. While all the things mentioned above are very necessary, the price of the services offered needs to be friendly.…


Top Attractions And Things To Do In Scandinavia

It is enjoyable to spend your holiday in a destination that makes you happy and comfortable. More to this, it is fulfilling to spend your coins on some of the worlds best tourist attractions. If you are planning to go out for a holiday abroad during the summer, you should consider visiting some Scandinavian cities or attractions. You are bound to see a lot during Scandinavian trips and tours. It is not always about nature, but you also get the chance to see top architecture and infrastructural developments.

Go for whale watching

If you love watching whales and other kinds of asDaqsasDanimals, you should have a tour of Scandinavia. There are many animal species in Scandinavia. Some of these animals include varied types of whales such as gray whales, humpbacks, orcas among others. With these fascinating creatures, you might be tempted to lengthen your stay in these waters.

Get to the beaches

This is another travel way to spend your time while in any of the Scandinavian nations. Best of it all, if you love spending your time, exploring cold waters, you will certainly have a good time in Scandinavian beaches. There are incredible beaches in these nations like Tisvildeleje, Hamresanden, and Tofta just but to mention a few. Get to one of the many beaches in this part of the world if you want to get the real experience of modern beach life.

Go hiking

If you want to get a real hiking experience, Scandinavian nations have all you need. The Kungsleden in Sweden is considered to be the epitome of hiking. Kungsleden, otherwise referred to as the kings’ trail is an epic wave that passes through a mountainous landscape, alpine meadows, bitch forests and the peak of Mt Nebne, which is considered to be the highest point in Sweden. It is fairly extensive, which implies that you need to brace yourself well.

Get To the Fjords

aqAssdQaswDFjords are deep inlets found in between cliffs. As much as these sites are horrific, they are fantastic and amazing to be around. The joy that comes with having a view on such site cannot be compared with watching it on television or from any other source. If you are yet to close to this amazing scenery, you have every reason to get to Norwegian Fjords.

This is are some of the areas or must-visit attraction in Scandinavia. If you are looking for places to visit in your next vacation, you should at least visit one if not all of these attractions.…


Advantages of using a taxi

A lot of people who live in the city don’t have vehicles because of the traffic. When you live in a busy place, you have to find a spot to park your car or truck at, and this is a hard task. It can also cost a lot of money.

Hiring a taxi to get you around is very easy, and you know you will get to the place that you want to go to. When you are driving your own car in the city, you will have to know your way around and fight the traffic.

In this article, we will talk about the advantages of hiring a taxi service.


They now have an app that you can install on your cell phone that will let you book a taxi. What this offers you is the ability to always have a taxi waiting at the front door in any location that you desire. This is a lot easier than standing outside and waiting for a taxi to see you or even if it is available for hire.

Taxi service

2Most taxi services have nice cabs, and they keep them very clean. When you use a taxi, you will know you will get to your location on time. They will alway take the fastest route to your desired location. The nice part about using a taxi to take you to the airport is all you need to do is show them your ticket, and they will already know right where to drop you off.

Taxi driver

With york taxis, they only hire experienced drivers. All their drivers need to have a safe and clean driving record. They will have to go through a background check to ensure that they have no criminal record. Most taxi service will only hire locals to drive, this way, you can be sure that they know the way around a city. A local driver will know when it is the right time to divert from driving through rush hour.

Price for a taxi

3When you think about owning your car, you will have a car payment, insurance, and plates, not to mention the gas and upkeep that you will have to deal with. When you use a taxi, you just pay for each ride you do. A typical price for a taxi is around 8 to 10 dollars.

When you use a taxi, you will make sure you get everything done in one trip. When it comes to booking, you can plan your whole trip for one price and the taxi will always be waiting out front. They will even help you load and unload if you have luggage.…


Qualities Of A Hotel That You Shouldn’t Miss

During our endless search for hospitality, we come across various hotels that pride themselves on the services they render. Hotels have come a long way since their inception. A walk down memory lane will guarantee you the story of humble beginnings from which they have sprouted. That is not all; technology has had its hand in the developments we see today. We are even able to make our bookings online as compared to the times of long ago. The rush and scramble for a decent hotel room were real. No one was spared, and everyone was only trying to fight hard for what they felt they were rightfully entitled to. These days, you can get a decent hotel right in the middle of nowhere. Read on to find out more about hotels and the special place they hold in our society today.


How To Find A Decent Hotel

The hospitality industry has proven to be a booming business to everyone that dares to give it a try. Unfortunately, not all of us are wired to take the responsibility of making someone comfortable. Some hotels are in existence for the mere reason of trying to eke a living. The big question on most people’s mind is how to find a decent hotel. Here is how;

Browse Online

ASDASDThe internet has to be your closest companion on this one. Most decent hotels have adopted the trend of establishing their hospitality businesses online. You can access the kind of services they offer by logging on to their websites. You will get all the answers you need. For example, if you look for Christchurch Hotel online, you will access every bit of information about it.

Word Of Mouth

Ask around from friends and colleagues. They are the networking option you need at a time like this. Each one of them knows of a decent hotel in some state somewhere. They will be only too happy to help.

Travel Magazines

Read about them in travel magazines. The prominent ones are widely circulated, and hotels are featured in every copy that is released each week or month. Read through the hotel’s section and all the original details you should know about.

Features Of Decent Hotels

All decent hotels have some features in common. Here are some of those you should expect;


A decent hotel always has its hygiene standards as a top priority. You can tell, simply by looking at it, whether its priorities are misplaced or set right.


As a client, you should be more observant than ever before. Keep your antlers twitching for bright and warm reception from the hotel staff. If it’s not meant to be, just walk away with no regrets at all.


Quick access to everything you need. You do not have to hassle your way to clean, fresh towels or clean water for drinking.…

The uses of survival knives

Survival knives are portable tools that are used for enormous purposes. Many people have described these knives as a must-have during most outdoor activities. It is a standard tool due to its diversity in the roles that it plays in various spheres. But you ought to be careful during the selection process of a survival knife. This is based on the fact that potential buyers must study the various features that are crucial to the effectiveness of the knife.

In this regard, you ought to consider the type of blade embedded in your tool. The blade is essential in determining the edge and the durability thereto. There are two types of blades, and they include stainless steel and carbon steel. Further, you must critique the roles in which you require the knife and weigh them against the types available in the market. Such analysis based on a survival knife buyers guide will ensure that you secure a knife that is adaptable and efficient to your needs.

The uses of the survival knives are vast, and the prime ones are highlighted as follows;

Hunting and self-defense

People are always advised that you should always carry along a survival knife whenever you are going to the woods. In this case, during hunting, survival knives are fundamental in skinning animals. Also, you can use the knife as a tool for self-defense against aggressive wild animals. Therefore a survival knife is multifunctional in hunting since you can use it to pursue animals as well as defend yourself against them.

Clearing pathways and wood cutting

When you are out in the wilderness, it is likely that you will run into thorny leaves and fine wood that is likely to inhibit your movement. However, a survival knife can be used to clear paths and cut wood. Cutting wood is not necessarily for pass ability but also for fueling a fire that is vital in cooking. So, if you are planning a camping trip, then you ought to secure such a knife to facilitate movement and other all round activities.

Making other weapons

Spears and arrows can be with the help of a quality survival knife. Therefore when you are in the wilderness, it is intelligible to come up with creative ways of using the knife to craft other weapons. Traditionally, before the invention of sophisticated weapons, most weapons were handmade, and a knife played a vital role in making most of them.…

Best Tourist Destinations

Throughout the year, people are making more flights all over the world to visit new places. However, according to research by a tourist market researcher Euromonitor International, there are specific places around the world that receive more visitors than any other places. These are the best tourist destinations. Let’s take a look at some of the five best tourist destinations around the world in 2017. Do not forget to have a look on the Caribbean as those who have ever gone there live to remember and even want to go there again and again.

Best Tourist Destinations


Last year, Brazil owned the South American Travel as it received the highest numbers of tourists that traveled to the region. However, in 2017, Chile has become the most desirable adventure tourism destination in the world.But why? The main reason why most tourists are now flying into Chile is that of its geographical location. It is a whopping 2650 miles long and is less than 200 miles wide. Chile is also packed with diverse topographies and ecosystems.

Chile is one of the few countries in the world that has the most extreme environments on earth. It has deserts, fjords, and sub polar islands. One of the most popular destinations in Chile is the Atacama desert where you can fly over the salt lakes in hot air balloons.


It’s hard to think of a country that is beautiful and more varied without thinking Canada. It has the biggest landscapes like the Canadian Rockies that are4 well known all around the world. From deserts to the warm-wintered enclaves of vines and olives to the labyrinth of fjords and islands, Canada boasts the World’s finest seascapes.

Chandigarh, India

Chandigarh is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and is known for being among the cities with the world’s most remarkable urban creations. Whenever tourists visit Chandigarh in India, they can’t help but marvel at the intriguing mix of innovation and tradition.

Granada, Spain

Granada is home to Spain’s most visited monument, the Alhambra. The palaces of Alhambra were built by the Nasrids and is a symbol of the former dynasty of Islamic Spain. Apart from the historic sites, there are little things that will make you fall in love with Granada. Things like the tiled fountains in tiny squares and the forkfuls of tasty tapas that you will get to enjoy in the boisterous bars.

Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Although Mongolia is the fourth most sparsely inhabited places in the world, it is home to one of the most spectacular sites to that any adventurous visitor like you could wish to visit. From the coruscating upland lakes to the tumbling rivers and the rolling steppes. The shifting dunes of Gobi and the beautiful green pine forests just to mention a few, pack your bags and head to Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia.…


Tips on renting a motorbike on your vacation

Renting a motorbike on your vacation is the best way to enjoy your holiday. The best thing about renting is the fact that it saves you the stress of carrying your motorbike to your destination. With motorbike renting, you will get a motorbike to your destination and still enjoy riding while still away from home. Before you rent a motorbike, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind to make sure that you make the right choice. Here are tips on renting a motorbike on your vacation.

How to rent a motorbike on vacation

Location of the renting company

The location of the renting company is an important consideration when making your choice. You need to make sure that you rent with a company that is near your holiday destination. There is no point of using a company that is too far only to face problems when you decide to return the motorbike. The nearer the company, the easier it will be for you to rent the motorbike at any time that you need to use it.


Cost of renting

The cost of renting the motorbike is also an important consideration when making your choice. You need to determine how much it will cost you to pay for the motorbike. Most of the companies charge you per day, and some will include additional cost like the cost of insurance. When choosing a motorbike rental company, your aim should be to get the best price for the period that you will rent the motorcycle.

Type of motorbike

You need to determine the type of motorbike that you need before you go ahead and rent it. There are several types available depending on the style of riding that you prefer. There are motorbikes available for leisure riders, cruisers and also the sports enthusiasts. A good motorbike rental company should be able to provide you with the variety of motorbikes that you need.


Do the inspection

Doing inspection is one of the main things to consider when hiring a motorbike. You need to make sure that you inspect the motorbike and make sure that it is in good working condition before you take it for your ride. Inspection is also a good way to avoid the rental company blaming you for the damages that might be on the motorbike.…


Choosing The Best Travel Luggage

Traveling may be a hobby for many, but each person cannot avoid getting a need to travel either for a job errand or just a holiday. One thing which will make your travel stress free is the right luggage. It will prevent any disappointment or tragedy like popping open at the airport or having some of your belonging come out through a tear. So, how do you choose the best luggage? The guide below will highlight on what to look for. Click here to see a selection of various top rated travel luggage.

Choosing the best travel luggage

The size

fgdgdfgdfgfdgfdgWhen buying luggage, most people focus on the size as the number one consideration. They are right! Size does matter when it comes to these accessories. People who travel with a lot of items will need the big sizes to avoid many travel luggage pieces which can be a hassle to manage. Most ladies will automatically go for the big sizes while most men prefer the medium sizes. Make sure that the one you choose will conveniently accommodate all your travel stuff without the need of a second one luggage.

The material

Nowadays, people have the option of choosing either the hard or the soft luggage pieces. If you are not fancy about a variety of designs and care more about protection of what you carry, then the hard shelled travel luggage pieces are the best to choose. On the other hand, the soft counterparts are the best for people who are interested in a variety of options especially the ladies. When traveling for a day or two, it is easier to get one that can be hung on the shoulder rather than rolled. Choose the material well to suit your needs.

Roller wheels and handles

fhfghgfhgfhgfhgfOne of the best innovation is the wheeled travel luggage. Guests no longer need the service of a hotel porter or even a taxi to hop a small distance in town. If you don’t want to create attention while rolling your luggage at the airport, then choose roller wheels that are covered with soft rubber as they are quiet. Either way, both the wheels and the handles should be made of strong material to add to durability.

Consider the price

According to experienced shoppers, the price tells it all about the product quality. Cheap stuff come at a cost and you do not want your travel luggage to follow suit. Therefore, target to buy the top rated choices which will give value for money. To save on cost, compare prices from different platforms or check the sellers with a discount or any other offer.…


Best Beach Holidays In Africa

Africa is one of the best tourists destination in the world; it is a must place you should dream of daily. The east coast of Africa is one of the places can spend your holiday in a cloudless sky with coconut trees casting lovely shadows, tropical colors, clear water and sandy beaches where you can swim. One of the destinations can be the Kenyan beaches. The Kenyan beaches are located in the coastal region of the country. You will be able to enjoy your holiday as they many activities you can do at the beach. They include kitesurfing, diving, and snorkeling.

These beaches can be divided into three main regions whereby each region has a unique experience you will love.

South Coastcdcddcrgtgytg

The South Coast is known for palm fringed white sand beaches with accessible coral reefs. The most famous and beautiful beach is Diani. It is approximately 30 kilometers to the south of Mombasa along the Indian Ocean. You can be able to swim and relax in the warmth of the sun on this beach because of its peaceful haven. Diani beach is the best place to go if you want to have sports like swimming and surfing, having a picnic and taking a quiet walk.

Malindi region

This region is in the North of Mombasa which has the best beach resorts and finest tropical beaches in Africa. Thi is the place to go if you want activities like diving and snorkeling and deep-sea fishing at the Malindi Marine National Park.

You won’t want to miss visiting Bamburi beach in the North region. It is a perfect place for an enjoyable holiday; it has calm water and beautiful soft sand. This beach is a famous destination for sand seekers and sun lovers. Bamburi is the excellent location for swimming, walking and relaxing by the beach. You will get the peace you want, a home away from home to relax and be stress-free.

Lamu Archipelago

xssxssdsretgyhujLamu Archipelago is far in the North of Kenya which includes Islands of Manda and Lamu. These Islands are full of lovely white sand beaches which are excellent for relaxing. The most common beaches people visit in this area are Shela beach and Manda Bay. They are well known for a calm ambiance and picturesque views. Their luxury resorts built and surround the ocean in these beaches. It is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying your holidays.

There are other more beaches that you should visit when in the Kenyan Coast like Vipingo, Watamu, Shanzu, Tiwi, Gazi, and Kikambala.…


How To Avoid Booking Bad Holiday Homes

You may not be feeling to go to sleep in a hotel again this vacation as you have heard of some people who had fun spending their holiday in rented apartments. It is important to know holiday homes are different before booking. It is advisable to research and find out more about the place. Just search for customer reviews on the vacation home website. It is nice not to go for homes that have poor customer service, lacks security and also which is not easy to access even though it is cheap. The following are few tips that can help you to get a good vacation home.

Rent from A reputable source.

Conduct your study well to know if the place is good. Be informed on all the advantages and disadvantages. It isrgfregfvgfbgbh always good to go with someone you knows or a real estate agency.

If you don’t know anyone to consult on your destination, research online on different websites and read online reviews of some genuine estate agencies. These companies should be the ones that specialize in searching for vacation homes that you need to rent, or they should refer you to professionals in the area that you should ask if you have any questions. It is important to know more about the vacation homes, get more information on how they have solved any problems they had in the past.

Signing A Contract

Ensure their clauses to defend customers from financial liability or any harm before signing a contract. You have exactly as many rights as the owner or landlord. It is easy for people to take advantage of individuals when they know they are new in the region as they are not aware of the laws and rules of that area.

Rent Payment

Don’t make your entire rental payment up front. Just pay a deposit through a secure means that is either through a transfer or online. Make sure the payment is traceable and refundable if something goes amiss with your rental. This means you can look at the property once you have and if you do not like it, moving to a different place is easy without losing your deposit.

Have A Substitute Vacation Or Rental Plan

fdbfbfrfgtgtIf you are not happy with the rental apartment when you visit, have an alternative holiday rental plan or hotel in place. Everyone loves to stay in the holiday home they have booked, but it is important to have another option in place if something you are not pleased with happens. So that if your holiday rental doesn’t end up working out as expected, you have another place in mind where you can go and probably it will be better.…


Benvenuti nel sito del Papiro!

In queste pagine potete trovare novità, promozioni e notizie riguardanti gli articoli per ufficio e tutto quello che riguarda l’informatica, in special modo GNU/Linux e Software Libero, Internet e le tecnologie di rete, tornate a trovarci per essere sempre informati!!!

Linux Day 2003

ILS (Italian Linux Society) ha indetto per il prossimo 29 novembre il Linux Day 2003, terza giornata nazionale di Linux e del software libero.

Offerte hardware del mese

Il Papiro presenta per questo mese due configurazioni di PC adatti a tutti gli usi ad un prezzo sicuramente interessante, per qualsiasi esigenza differente e preventivi personalizzati di hardware, software e networking rivolgetevi in negozio troveremo insieme la soluzione più adatta alle vostre esigenze.

Scopri le offerte ADSL di

Finalmente la zona di Varallo rientra nei Comuni dove è possibile utilizzare la banda larga! vieni in negozio per scoprire l’ADSL

«Io dico grazie a Bush perché milioni di persone si sono unite per la pace»

Riflessione di Paulo Coelho sulla guerra tratta dal Corriere della Sera del 14 marzo 2003

Ancora guai per Bill Gates

Contro Microsoft nuova causa UE
tratto da “LA STAMPA” del 12/02/2003
I concorrenti: il sistema XP lede il mercato






PC ai giovani

Il Papiro aderisce all’iniziativa governativa che consente di risparmiare 150 Euro a tutti i ragazzi che nel 2003 compiono 16 anni, qui di seguito il comunicato stampa del Ministro per l’Innovazione e le Tecnologie che illustra il dettaglio dell’iniziativa.

Software per tutte le esigenze

Il Papiro è ora distributore di Modular Software



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